Thursday, April 26, 2012

les contes de fées

amorces d'histoires (printable)

Give students some scaffolding to help them to create their own fairy tales.  These prompts are most helpful as the culmination to a fairy tale unit where students have read, seen, and re-enacted a variety of fairy tales.  There are 6 different scenarios and word banks in the printable.  

The student and teacher writing assessment is on the final page and can be printed back to back with the prompts.

Grade 1 interpretations of the homes of the 3 little pigs.

The Northumberland Grid for Learning has 4 fairy tales to listen to or read along with in French.  They were brought to my attention by the Scoop It blog.

Below is a very silly video whose parody will be appreciated by students.  Les trois petits cochons chanter à la Lady Gaga.

Click the image for a video of a very silly frog who joins with his friends to invent his own fairy tale.  The tale gets crazier and crazier (and a little violent) as the story progresses.  The frog insists that fairy tales must follow certain rules.  My boys at home would find this funny but it's a little over the top for at school.

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