Sunday, January 29, 2012

les figures - 2D

Geometry Rubric for grade 1 from Math Makes Sense.

I print off one for each student and keep notes right on the rubric (print to 8.5x14 for more room).

This is a great way to communicate to both parents and students which skills they have mastered and which they are still learning.  I send these home for parents to sign during the unit and at the end of the unit.  They are returned and kept in the students' data notebook  to facilitate report card writing.

See my post on teaching 3D shapes here.

Les figures - 2D visual dictionary and word strips (printable)
* corrections have been made to the word strip 'un cercle', other files were correct,
Merci les amies qui lisent mes documents!
Lead up books:
Using pre-punched shapes students made their own animals.  They talked about what they made before writing, describing their animals to one another, ie: C'est un ours.  Il est brun.  Il y a 3 cercles.
Tried a new tool called PhotoPeach for video creation.  I would like to have students read their descriptions and record them into Voice Thread to share with parents.

Students are encouraged to photograph things they make or build to use as prompts for writing in their journals.  

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