Friday, March 16, 2012

les journaux de mathématique

All of the math journal printables here

I have posted these individually throughout my blog.  Every month is included in this post with some changes to better suit the math strand studied at the time.  Some in the photos are for Kindergarten, some for grade 1.  The printable gives further explanation.

Math journals can be used to end a unit.  When they are related to the season or topic of study students enjoy a 'craft' with another curriculum based purpose.  Students begin by making a cover once they have learned about ABA, ABBA, and ABC patterns in September.  Once the journal is complete and in a portfolio or bound students have a book to read and take home at the end of the year.

This idea originated on a site called Kinder by Kim.

Cover of the Journals (patterning in September).  Coloured strips of construction paper were pre-cut, students cut them into squares. 

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