Saturday, February 4, 2012

j'écoute la lecture - youtube

frenchvideoplaylists (my youtube channel under construction)

Creating a channel for your school or classroom on youtube is an easy way to build an online library of quality 'listen to reading' options for students to use during The Daily Five.  Playlists can be uploaded and sorted by season, term, or subject area.  I have developed a channel for K-2 and regularly add videos or closed captioned reading and songs for 'Listen to Reading' during the Daily Five.  Try these searches to curate your own channel:

Comptines (the captioned ones are what I intend, those uploaded by 'comptines')
Alain le lait
Matt Maxwell
Primary Success Paola


  1. I love this idea for Daily 5! I'm wondering if you've found a way to block ads or limit anything inappropriate on YouTube? I want to have my kids watch the videos independently but, knowing YouTube, I'm worried about something inappropriate popping up! Let me know if you have found any good blocking methods.... Thanks!


  2. Try It creates a new link and the video is played inside a frame