Wednesday, February 1, 2012

cent c'est beaucoup trop

Following the reading of a book I made students created their own book pages about when 1-00 is too much, and when 100 is not enough. The book topic was sent home over the weekend so that students could discuss and come up with ideas at home.  Download the document here --> Cent - livre et page pour les élèves. I wish I would have photographed my students' work for this post!

This book compares when 100 might not be enough and when 100 is way too much.  After much brainstorming students create their own page for a collaborative book by completing the sentence,
"100 ____ is not enough (ne sont pas beaucoup), but 100  ____ is way too much (sont beaucoup trop).

It was helpful to start by listing all kinds of little things that when gathered together still do not add up to very much at all.

A few pages from the book I made. It is in the downloaded documents above.

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