Thursday, February 2, 2012

tableau de 100

This file is about 15 pages long because of course, you just have to have lots of colours to choose from. My deal with colour choice for students is, once materials are distributed, if you can make a deal or trade with someons (find a win-win), go nuts.  There is always some frantic deal making, I often set a quick time limit.  This takes the hassle out of my hands and injects some problem solving and haggling skills into grade one (or kindergarten, ha!). 

I print a class set on card stock and laminate them.  Each student has a chart and a flat glass bead.
As we count during calendar time students slide their glass bead along.
Use later for skip counting and counting on.  Students can call out a number and they all slide their bead to that number.  I can do a quick assessment with a checklist when students are sliding their beads along, do they seem to be counting by 5 accurately?  Do they need more practice?  Do I need to meet with them one-on-one to confirm where they're at?  The back can be used as a response board with a dry erase marker or whole group problem solving during calendar time.

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