Friday, May 23, 2014

la forêt tropicale - rainforest unit K/1

I haven't planned this unit and don't have all of the links to learner outcomes that I usually post. I was a guest teacher in a friend's class for a week and modified and added to many ideas of another colleague.  The link to each file is provided beside the photo, click on the highlighted or underlined word to download.

For a great webquest of information to get you started created by Mrs. Gebauer check out her resources here.

Unit vocabulary visual dictionary, photocopy back-to-back with forest layers - each student or family will have a copy of the unit vocabulary.

For back of visual dictionary.

Rainforest word strips. In this document you will find word strips in colour, word strips with the images printed separately for matching and a set of black and white word strips.

Word strips with images printed separately for matching.
 Sound blends that we know are in colour. I use the same colour for each sound blend throughout the year.

ou - rouge
an en - orange
au - jaune
eu - bleu
oi - noir
in - gris
on - vert
ch - violet
ai - rose (comme dans j'aime)

 Black and white rainforest word strips.

Rainforest class collaborative book. 10 pages with different animals and a sentence to copy or print your own sentence. Bind together. Title pages are included. These are 2 samples of about 10.

Rainforest find and colour, maybe for when work is finished? To send home?

We made patterned snakes and then used them as non-standard units of measurement. Thanks to Mme Astrom for this idea!

Here are my snake templates that we copied onto manilla tag.

Les rayures du serpent book. Students colour the patterns and print the sentence, patterns can be ABA, ABBA. One page asks students to make their own pattern (any type) and add the colour words to the sentence. This was originally posted by Mme Astrom, I've made some changes, merci Madame.

Sneaky piranhas (detailed directions are here)! These were fun to make, especially because students already know the song "Petit poisson".

We would sing the song with our piranhas closed and then open them up and yell "Ahhh, piranha!!"

Directed drawing instructions (link is above).

Five little monkeys song and puppets. Lyrics are in strips for pocket chart re-ordering. I have monkey finger puppets (tape to popsicle stick) and a crocodile puppet and students like to come up, sing the song using  the monkey puppets while the teacher crocodile puppet eats them up!

An english version of the rhyme Five Little Monkeys.

Students make their own rainforest layers using construction paper (my first choice), then add the animals to each layer (the file includes animals to cut out).

See an example on the Teacher Bits and Bobs blog here.  For my group, being correct about which layer an animal spends most of their time in was less important than discussing and explaining choices. When the rainforest floods piranhas may find themselves up in the canopy rather than on the forest floor.

Make your own rainforest Bingo.

A short animated english video about a trip to the rainforest.

Two minute video narrated in English explaining the 4 layers of the rainforest.

26 minutes of rainforest sounds (no relaxation music!)