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  • le calendrier, dictionnaire en images

 Lift the flap book, stored in our "I can read" book boxes for Read to Self in K and grade1.

  • ma famille

  • la nuit (l'halloween, l'automne)

  • la moufle (Jan Brett)

  • les dinosaures

  • les ours

  • les penguins

  • le carnaval


  1. Merci pour tout ce partage et ce travail de qualité.

  2. Absolument incroyable! Wow - un grand merci de l'avoir partagé!

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  4. Few vocabulary errors o;D.. But very very great job!
    ('stomach' and not 'bone') estomac / not 'os'
    Sorry ! i stop my comments !! But If you ever want me to give you my corrections in private, no problem!

    1. Please notice that there is a flap that is glued over the image of the stomach (as well as the other body parts in this book), when the flap is down the bones are visible, when the flap is lifted the stomach is visible. For this reason it appears that I have mislabeled items but it is simply because the flaps are not yet glued on, that needs to be completed by the student. Once the flaps are in place everything is labeled correctly.

  5. ho ok! i understand ! SOOOORRY ;O)))
    ( For the students card : )
    - DE LA laitue (tu l'as trés bien écris dans les flash cards) Thou hast written well in flash cards ;)
    - DU tissu, DU verre (often ''du ... " for materials )
    - pingouins
    - danSeuse, astronautE ,
    I repeat what I said: you do a great job, my comments are there to help you and not judge you. I hope I do not abuses.
    Very friendly !

  6. I am a first year teacher (teaching French immersion) and I wanted to thank you for for your generosity - it is so kind of you to post all these amazing free resources. Your site has helped me in so many ways, I can't even begin to tell you! Merci beaucoup!

    1. What grade do you teach? I teach 3rd math and science in South Carolina. I would love to find some other teachers to use as resources and share ideas.

  7. Thank you so much for these great flashcards. I am also a 1st year French Immersion teacher and I need as much help as I can get.

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  9. Wow, thanks.
    We need more people like you!

    1. Glad you found this helpful Elle. Sorry I am so late in replying, I had to turn off comments because I was getting spam here which was very inconvenient!