Thursday, March 21, 2013

year long French calendar tally graphs

There comes a time in grade 1 when tallying and counting by 5s and 10s gets serious.  For that reason I print and laminate these posters 11x17 and line them up under the calendar.  We tally everything and practice counting using authentic data, our birthdays, our lost teeth, the days at school and so on.  Bring on the dry erase markers.

You need a wide format printer to print to 11x17, print to your school photocopier or submit online to Staples Print and Copy Centre.

I loved that font so yes, you have to add the accent grave on "fête" on this one.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

L'espace - vocabulaire et projets d'écriture

My colleagues are working on a space unit with their kindergarten students.  You can find the post on our wiki here.

My students enjoyed the Toys in Space question; how would toys operate in zero gravity? Could you still play? How would the "game" have to be modified? There are a few different NASA videos using toys, my collection was slightly different (it was circa 2003!).

I have included further vocabulary support materials here.

 space unit vocabulary word strips

All of the following documents are here.

mini space vocabulary word strips for use at "work with words"

space vocabulary images for journal writing and sorting

1)  Je colle dans mon journal.
2)  J'écris les mots.
3)  J'écris des phrases.
4)  Je dessine mes propres images.

space vocabulary images for flip book

flip book

space vocabulary images for mini book

 mini book

1)  Je colles quelques images.
2)  J'écris les mots, des phrases si possible.
3)  J'utilise les autres mots que je connais, les couleurs, grand, petit, loin, près.

space bingo

les planètes, pancarte (tabloid, 11x17)
wide format printer is needed to print this to tabloid size (or submit Staples Print and Copy online for pick up)

Wordless HD animation of planet size and scale. (includes the moon (Mond), some dwarf planets and other suns)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

All I need to know about teaching I learned from the hardware store

This was an inspiring week on twitter.  First was Derek Keenan's post about a pedagogical oath and what one might look like. Then came a post from DavidWees about 10 Teacher Commandments.  Finally, a post from Edudemic about the 10 Skills Modern Teachers Must Have.

Inspiring and overwhelming. Today I visited several local hardware stores to get the materials I needed for a home improvement project.

All I needed to know about teaching I learned from the hardware store.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

French Literacy Resources for K-2

Here are my favourite French Immersion Language Arts Teacher Resources.  What are yours?
(in order of the photos left to right, top to bottom, all except the savoir lire are available in French and English)

Le manuel phonique from Jolly Phonics (other resources in French are available)
Savoir Lire reproducibles from envolée and substitute teacher resources
The Daily Five and Café books (our K-4 language arts program begins here with this model) the authors' blog is here