Monday, April 6, 2015

Les plantes et le jour de la terre - Plants and earth day

Just added the vocabulary materials for our next unit. We are going to try combining a Social Studies theme of changes in my community and a Science theme, plants and earth day.

Why do things change over time?
Is change good?
Have the changes in our community over time been good for our local environment/park/pond/lake?

Word collections have 3 themes, spring, in the garden and earth day. I plan to introduce 1 a week.

Find the folder to download files on my Google Drive here.

Smaller strips are for students, in journals or agendas.

Larger strips for pocket charts. One file has only a few words with the sound blends in the words highlighted in colour and colour pictures. You may just want the black and white version as it includes all 30 words).


  1. Bonjour - I teach ecology in Haiti and just discovered your rainforest handouts which are helping me learn French. Have you come across rainforest or tropical ecology books written in French? I have trouble navigating French sites to find these, but would like a simple textbook for my students.

    1. Hmmm, I haven't searched textbooks or ecology books Debbie. I'm glad you found what is here useful.