Saturday, January 8, 2011

Monthly Class Collaborative Books - Writing

Each month students draw and complete the sentence of what will be a page in a class book. The books are a cumulative record of a student's growth in writing (a sample every month) and become the favourite choices during "Read to Self" and "Read to Someone" during Les cinq au quotidien (Daily Five).  

The books may be based on a pattern book we have read and are always related to a monthly theme.  At the end of the year the books are taken apart and compiled for each student and stapled together.  Students take home a 10 page book they have created and can read.

Document holders are a handy way to compile the pages and keep them in good shape for the entire year.  These each have 10 clear pouches so that 2 sheets can go into each pouch back to back.  One student page becomes the cover.

Students then use these simple sentences in their journal.  They have a place to begin and can expand on the sentences and vocabulary they have used before.

(Note: As an update not all of the grade 1 books were posted here. They are now available on this post. Scroll past the social studies overview info to see each month and the downloads.)

"Les couleurs" class collaborative book (septembre - maternel)
"Me voici" class collaborative book (septembre 1ière année)

"Mon monstre" class collaborative book (octobre 1ière année)

"J'aime manger" class collaborative book (novembre 1ière année)

 kindergarten book pages (the link contains all sheets and a description of how we used them)


  1. Love these books! I am teaching k/1 and doing the books and they love them but I noticed that there is only up to November for grade 1. Do you happen to have the rest hiding someplace? :)

    1. I think they are finally all posted together here:

      Sometimes I don't get around to putting everything online. I appreciate teachers who prompt me though, I'm sure it benefits many! Merci.