Saturday, January 8, 2011

Home and School Connection

Allow me introduce you to Amélie and Jacques.  These two characters came home with my son on Friday.  They were accompanied by a notebook.  

The first page introduced them and said that they only spoke French.  The note went on to say that they would love to hear my son speak to them in French while they spent their séjour (about a week) in our home.

My son was to print his name in the book and add any pictures or words about his adventures avec les amis.  Upon their return, this coming Thursday, my son would give the class the run down of what they did together and pass Jacques et Amélie off to the next lucky recipient. 

I love it!  Encouraging students to speak French at home.  Bravo Madame!  Now I need to go out and get something to send home with my students . . .

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