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ambrose student teachers

Hi there Ambrose teachers.

It was great to spend some time with you this afternoon.  I haven't added all of the links we discussed but those will be up by Sunday night (Feb. 19th 2012).  I will also add the links to resources that your colleagues mentioned.  Please find my e-mail address below if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you and if I don't know something I can probably track down who does.


Alberta learning programs of study
Curriculum summaries
An overview of learning outcome topics by grade.  This document is originally meant for parents and I send one home with each student in September.  I have students glue it into their agenda so that we can look back at it and see what we have learned.  You will be educating parents about school, this tool will help.

LA Illustrative examples
Very considerate document.  Plenty of specific lesson examples that give the outcomes practicality.
Alberta Authorized resource database (too much information sometimes)

Calgary Board of Education Calendar 2012-2013
Rocky View Schools Calendar 2012-2013
How many weeks do I really have to teach?  What will I uncover during each term?

Begin with the end in mind and know what you school's report card will look like in September, if possible have a look at the template and past teacher examples in August (you can usually browse student files and make copies if names of students and teachers are omitted, ask first).

Breakdown of instructional minutes per grade and subject area
Your administrator will most likely have a more specific weekly guideline for you to help with developing a time table.

Reading and writing continuum STUDENT evaluation
Reading and writing continuum TEACHER evaluation
I will have a look for and post speaking and listening and the benchmarks for math.

Long range planning tool for Ontario teachers
Go here to know what should be in a long rang plan and for comprehensive collections of modification and teaching strategies.  I wish Alberta had this!

Long range plan templates from Alberta Learning
Note:  For the above file be sure to click download original as the file in the google doc does not seem to maintain formatting and the table headers or not properly oriented.  This document is very comprehensive and includes examples.

Beginning of Long Range Plan with 2012-2013 CBE calendar
This is my first step in long range planning and lists each term with boxes for core subject areas.

Beginning Alberta Teacher Handbook and Conference
As an Alberta teacher you are entitled to release days (extra substitute days) for this conference in your first 5 years of teaching, be sure to go, it's great place to network and get tips on how to make it through the first year.  I believe the conference registration is also paid for by the ATA.

Rocky View Portrait of a 21st Century learner
Alberta Learning 21st Century Competencies

Sample Timetable
Sample monthly planning
Sample weekly planning
Sample Day Plan

Below are the resources I have used or have been commonly used at the schools I have taught at.  Be especially sure that you are using up to date approved resources, especially for math as this is a fairly new curriculum.  These changes are best reflected in the most recent and provincially approved resources (this list is not yet complete).  These are places to start and I will purposefully not make this  an exhaustive list.  You will find things you love as you learn.  I use these resources every day in my teaching.  These resources are developed by publishers along with teachers, they are typically the experts in their field and you can use these resources and strategies with confidence.
Pearson Math (French and English)
Good tip, each binder comes with a disk.  You can load the disk onto your laptop and have it forever.  I like being able to flip through the resource but for student teachers who can't always take the whole thing home this is a dream.
Nelson Math
Disk also included, whoot whoot.

Edmonton Public Science Modules (French and English)
Please note that each grade and topic of this science resource also has a binder of assessment and evaluation for each unit.  Your goal is triangulated assessment (3 pieces), a Product, an Observation, a Discussion, same for math (for every subject area really), often the assessment binder is missing or hidden in someone's class, it's a great supplement to the main booklets.

The Daily Five (book, this is a literacy model used everywhere at the moment)
CAFÉ (the follow-up book to Daily Five
The website of the sisters who created this model and wrote the books is here:  The two sisters.  Some resources on the site are free, I subscribe to their tip of the week.  It's a lot of information.  Read the books to start.
Early literacy Jolly Phonics
K, 1 and 2 you need this.  I have used the popular Animated Alphabet, however Jolly Phonics is simpler, is in French and English, and translates well to grades 3 & 4 when students may need remediation, it isn't too juvenile.

Many Voices
Disk included.

The ABCD's of movement from Edmonton Public

that artist woman blog spot
This is my go to resource for art ideas.  She links to other great art blogs but if I could pick one this would be it.  Once students learn a technique through a prescribed piece (a tree, an owl and so on) give them the chance to explore the technique to create something unique to them (ie: paint an autumn tree this way - what else can you paint using that technique?).

ICT (technology):
Web 2.0 tools there are millions, I will link some articles and collections here and will aim for those posted by Canadian teachers.  Don't get overwhelmed.  Have 3-4 in your repertoire and then you can slowly add, the world of tech changes daily.

This is a fairly popular and professional blog, search web 2.0 tools for various collections for educators, perhaps begin with anything that says free . . .

Homework calendars for K-4
Click on shop and then grade level and you will see 'Homework Calendars' (for purchase $9 for the year - worth it for me).

PLN (your Professional Learning Network, blogs, twitter, zite):
Get a reading list going whether new posts go to Google Reader or your inbox.  My blog and twitter Professional Learning Network keeps me current in my practice.  I will post some to start with.

We Give Books (Wink)
An online collection of free stories, hundreds of read alouds at your fingertips!

See my blog reading list here.  I also have a Twitter PLN, they're great people and talented educators.

Other topics I would love to talk with you about include; report cards, your resume, and integrating technology (I know a great high school teacher in Rocky View who could come down for an afternoon.  Check out his blog at Mr. Keenan, his class blog is also interesting Mr. Keenan's Class)

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