Wednesday, February 15, 2012

teacher blogs I follow (both languages)

French Teacher Blogs
Check back to this post, I will update the list as I find more resources.  I am fairly particular and limit my reading to spaces that I find especially beneficial.

Madame Milner at Mon petit doigt me l'a dit
Madame Milner posts student work so you can really see what the students are doing.

Lucille Richard at Le blogue d'Alliage éditeur
A new blogger, both free and paid resources.  Once in awhile there are free downloads, plays for FI students.

Madame Bernice at Classe de Madame Bernice
Madame Bernice is a champion of the Daily Five en français!  My favourite is her post of the strategies for CAFÉ all typed up and formatted with visual cues for students.  Even if students make/print the posts for your CAFÉ menu it's a breeze to at least have them all ready for you in French.

Primary Success
This is a site that is curated in conjunction with Paola Wilson who creates French resources.  She is also a Daily Five champion.  Paola sells collections of student books, she also reads them on you tube so 'listen to reading' options are easy to find.  If you join the e-mail list you will receive free seasonal resources every month (merci Paola!).  I believe in your first issue you have to request to be put on the French mailing list.

Madame Hawtree at Scoop It
This one I like a lot.  If you subscribe you will get a tip or link or item every week.  The posts usually include excellent resources and are free.

Littératout at Littératout
Some free resources, some paid.  This is a very professional site, you will find specifically elementary, literacy FI resources.  I linked to some resources I particularly liked here (click on the images in the post for file download).

English Teacher Blogs

Kate Lechleiter at Journey with an ipad
This is a very new blogger but she posts student work a few times a month and shows real examples of what her students did with a particular web 2.0 tool.  There are tons of lists out there saying top 20 free apps or web tools for teachers, it is more credible and authentic for me to see a new teacher posting something she actually tried and filling me in on the difficulties and successes.  Plus, she does not have 1:1 with her tech (a device for every student).  She started with only 1 iPad.

Aviva Dunsiger at Ancaster Meadow School
Aviva teaches grade 1 and uses twitter with her students - all the time!  She also posts actual student work, videos.  She has a clip where she shows us her classroom and you get a feel for how tech is completely integrated.  Rather than randomly searching the net for apps and 2.0 tools I follow teachers like Aviva and Kate and I try whatever they tried.

Dinah Zike at Get in the fold
New ideas for students to represent learning called foldables.  There is a place for tech and a place for paper and the intricacies of creating something with your hands from nothing, I enjoy both and imagine students do as well.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my little blog. The sharing and collaborating you are doing is a great resource for FI teachers and teachers alike.

  2. Bonjour! I have spent hours finding phenomenal resources on your blog! Thank you! I just wanted let you know I've mentioned you in my "Top FSL Blogs" list on my own FSL blog ( Please let me know if this is not OK.

    1. That's just fine, I found you on twitter too! I love it that more FI and FSL teachers are connecting!