Wednesday, March 14, 2012

daily five work with words

"À lire, à bâtir, à écrire" work with words literacy kits and centres for use during Daily Five.  Print double sided, laminate and add to work with words literacy kits.

The secret to children is routine + novelty, it's a fine balance.  Put out a few and rotate.

See below for making words with clothes pins, lego, unifix cubes, velcro letters, and ink and stamps.

The reverse side suggests putting the words in alphabetical order.  Sheets are narrow and trimmed to fit into the small kits pictured below.

These kits are time consuming to put together but only cost about $5 each in materials.  They are small enough for a student or 2 to work on independently.

Once you download and print the files perhaps a parent volunteer can make some for your classroom.

Sound Blend Word lists (printable)  

As students learn the sound blends beginning in January these are our "base" words.  When students become more proficient they identify words in the books they read that contain each sound blend and can use their own words during work with words.

Cut up these lists fit in library envelope that I attach to the top of the Work With Words literacy kits.

Students may also choose to practice with word strips from around the room.

iPad (printable to 11x17)

The iPad is laminated for use with dry erase markers (glue a good sized pom-pom to the end of a dry erase marker for a convenient eraser).

Read, type, write on one side, put in alphabetical order on the other.  A natural progression would be for students to write sentences or short stories using their words.

I upload these documents to Staples Print and Copy Centre for nice crisp copies.  Laminating is done at school.

Use the full size page in the document above and print it onto regular weight paper (2 sides), laminate, and use on a cookie sheet with magnetic letters.

I glued a photo of how the kit should be used and how it should be put away so that students know the expectation.  It takes time and teaching but my students know how to use, care for, and store materials.

I bought the plastic containers at the dollar store so that time isn't spent searching for letters.  Magnetic tiles can be ordered from Really Good Stuff, old scrabble tiles, bananagram letters, anything you can find.

Containers are bacon containers from the dollar store.  Here letter stamps from Winter Green are used.

The clothes pin kit and sheet has 'build' first so that pins can be clipped to the top or to the edge of the container, there are 2 of each consonant in each kit, 4 of each vowel.  The pins are clipped onto a paint stir stick that's easy for students to hold in one hand and unclip with the other.

  • for velcro version print off 2 sets of letters, one is laminated as is, one is cut up and letters are affixed to the card with velcro, less hunting for letters more spelling practice!
  • kit contents are printed onto 65 or 100 lb cardstock
  • a bag of 'extras' is also a good idea for each kit (last photo


  1. Hi, LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. You have some terrific ideas and are very kind to share them :)
    Which dollar store did you buy the bacon containers?

    1. Dollorama in Airdrie Alberta. I've seen them online at the container store and home hardware (link):

      Thanks for your comments! Shannon

    2. Hi, FYI I did manage to order some of those boxes using the item number from Home Hardware. While I had to order a minimum of 24, I was not bothered by that since they are only 2 dollars and I am starting the daily 5 with another colleague. They are working perfectly so far as I am constructing everything EXCITED!

    3. Thanks Heidi, good to know! :)

  2. Wow! Merci, Merci, Merci! It is soooo lovely to find FI resources for the Daily 5. I will be referring all the FI primary teachers I know to your blog...much appreciated!

    1. Glad you found this blog Brynca! You may also find more resources for FI organized on my pinterest boards. Bonne journée!

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  4. Merci mille fois! I will be getting a parent volunteer to make some of these up for me. How many do you have in your class?

    1. Bonjour Nicci! I have a total of 6 kits in my class, each kit is meant for 2 students to work from. There are about 5-6 students working on word work at a time. I have 3 different kits or tasks in rotation during the first term of the year. As the year progresses I add 3 more tasks for a total of 6 choices (1. stamps, 2. ipads, 3. clothes-pins, 4. magnets, 5. letter lego or letter unifix, 6. playdough (see playdough example here The sisters Cafe book suggests that the Daily Five choices remain the same throughout the year (see quick slide share here

  5. Hi There. I am looking at this site to be able to help my son as he has just started French immersion this year. I was wondering if you have a file with some of the word cards you show in the above picture with the word kids (like the cylindre, etc...)

    1. The files can be downloaded from this blog, here is the link to the page, click the highlighted word to download the files: