Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dans mon sac-à-dos

Classroom vocabulary for the beginning of the year to post on items in the classroom.  Students make their own labels and post them all over the room the first week of school.  We label throughout the year as students think of new words they need to know.

Dans mon sac-à-dos printable
If you trim construction paper to 8.5x11 it usually won't jam the photocopier.

September vocabulary review, what's in your backpack?  

Labeling is a learning strategy I use with the younger grades and I refer to it as a "bits and pieces" project or "les petits morceaux".  I insist with students that this is a legitimate, first-steps way to present learning on a topic.  In kindergarten students drew in their journals and as they progressed labeled their pictures with words from around the room or visual dictionaries.

Labeling is an  un-intimidating way for students to begin to write.

Students illustrate and label what's in their backpack using some pre-printed labels.  They also made their own labels and added goofy items to their packs.

Later on in the year during a Fairy Tales unit students can design back packs for a character from  a fairy tale.  What would the big bad wolf carry in his pack?

Many classrooms have the "Lire-tôt" and "Mille-feuilles" reader series, I included two titles below that complement this vocabulary review.

The last title is "Juno" from Mille-feuilles.

A rap to review the vocabulary!

Madame J in our school made these using white glue on construction paper and chalk pastels.  Students could design their own backpacks using this technique.