Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's play.

I messed around with Story Builder from Google this morning. Lots of fun! Good for writing together or beginning dialogue and different points of view.

Watch it here - Let's play.

Embedding isn't enabled (yet?) so as suggested here at Rebooting Education I used Snagit to embed a screen capture.  The quality isn't as good as the original so be sure to use the link about to get a good look.


One tip, if you want to go back and edit what a character says you have to delete anything after that character. So, if I did want to go back, I copied and pasted my dialogue to a word document alongside, made my changes and then pasted back in the rest of may story.

A bit of a nasty work around for young students.  However, a great teaching moment about the usefulness of drafts and then the final step of publishing.


Wikipedia needs an update. It's not an industry anymore, it's a button!

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