Sunday, January 29, 2012

les doubles

The doubles posters (printable to 11x17)

The doubles and one more one less are math strategies students master in grade 1 using real world examples, art and games.  The booklet above is a little worksheet-ish.  It's handy for students who need the extra, concrete practice, combine with manipulative practice and card games.


This is a project that came out of a game called the "sticks of 6".  Using 2 colours of toothpicks students show all the ways to make 6.  We represented doubles using our sticks.  Before gluing things down students arranged sticks that showed doubles, they compared one another's creations and identified the double.  They also corrected one another.

Not what I was expecting but still a demonstration of learning.
1+ 6 + 6 + 1+ 1+1 = 16
(I know this isn't 'correct', I should have video taped the student explanation)

A page from the number sense book.  We would tackle the 6 page once we had made the sticks of 6 or some other concrete, manipulative exploration.  Important practice for my group was representing numbers is an organized way that can be subitized (recognized at a glance).  It could be the way a number is shown on a dice, a domino, or a 10 frame but it had to be orderly.

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