Thursday, January 26, 2012

le carnaval

February is French cultural week at the school.  The entire school participates in a cultural activity each day of the week.  Classroom teachers can determine whether they will do additional classroom learning about Carnaval or if they will simply enjoy the school wide events.  Our local "Bûcherons" come and set up shop in the playground so that students can taste the tradition maple syrup 'tire'.

This very short video is easy to understand for younger students.

A visual (no narration) representation of the process of making maple syrup.  Pause the video and discuss what students see and determine the steps themselves.

An english video showing each step of the process.  Part 1 is interesting, part 2 describes the boiling process in detail and is not so interesting, showing only part 1 does give students a good idea of the process.

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