Tuesday, January 24, 2012

septembre - les thèmes

"Moi" visual dictionary (print back to back with "les couleurs")
"Moi" poster cards
"À l'école" visual dictionary (print back to back with "le calendrier")
"À l'école" labels for classroom (word strips)
"Le calendrier et les nombres visual dictionary

New teacher, new year start up visual vocabulary word bank.  Introduce like anchor charts, play with the words.  Language learning begins at your feet, you have to move it, feel it, do it, then it migrates up your body to your head where you can speak it, read it, write it.  Move and feel the language first.  Post these to your school website for parents to consult and print.


Using/introducing/learning new words with word strips:
  • in small groups or whole class students choose a word and mime it, others must identify it with "C'est de la colle."  As they are able students add, "Voici un crayon, c'est orange." 
  • in a circle patting thighs to a steady beat teacher chants, "À l'école je vois une table" go around the circle patting and chanting, before students know the words they point with a laser pointer (big gee whiz factor for grade 1 trust me), teacher chants, class repeats
  • as an exit pass students scatter, find an item in the room and use it in a sentence, "Voici un livre."
  • students have words strips in a group during "work with words" and begin orally, "Je vois, une chaise, je vois un crayon" after speaking they write their simple sentences in their journal

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