Wednesday, March 6, 2013

French Literacy Resources for K-2

Here are my favourite French Immersion Language Arts Teacher Resources.  What are yours?
(in order of the photos left to right, top to bottom, all except the savoir lire are available in French and English)

Le manuel phonique from Jolly Phonics (other resources in French are available)
Savoir Lire reproducibles from envolée and substitute teacher resources
The Daily Five and Café books (our K-4 language arts program begins here with this model) the authors' blog is here


  1. Does la manuel phonique come in English as well so that non-French speaking parents can use it to help their child learn to read in French?

    1. The manual comes in French and English but unfortunatly the English version is to teach children ro read English. The program is geared to French speakers to teach French reading and so far not available in English for teaching French.