Wednesday, June 13, 2012

burger collage and menu

We had fun with all the left over bits of stuff I've collected.  I keep everything in containers in true Reggio style and I'm always happy I kept the most random found items.

Bits of left over scrap book paper served as table cloths.

See the original post on Jacquelien's blog at Kids Artists

A basket of bits for each table.  I pre-cut the cardboard buns, good thing because it was a tough go.  Peeling off a layer of cardboard isn't as easy as you might think (to expose the corrugation).  The students will have to be patient and peel and clip along the ridges with scissors.

I keep jars of lentils and pasta in my art boxes, each basket has something different so students can share and circulate to choose ingredients.

No hamburger would be complete without a menu and price.  A simple list of ingredients is fine, a mouth watering description even better.

Hmmmm . . . I see descriptive writing about delicious, juicy hamburgers in the near future.

Love this site for French synonyms, it's pretty easy to use.  What's a more interesting way to say bon?  Grand?  J'aime?

The word strips and visual dictionary from our food unit earlier in the year came in handy.

By June, when we made these, most grade 1s are sounding out words themselves.

Junk food visual dictionary.  I print the two back to back.

Les hamburger de la classe 2F


You can make all kinds of cool French signs at this website, save them as jpegs for students.

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