Monday, June 11, 2012

needs of animals research project continued

Here are the supplies you will need for each student.

I prefer this paper to construction paper.  It's easier to fold and is just lovely.  

I haven't made these with an entire class of students. Could the supplies be sent home with this link for students to make with their parents, then the blank template returned?  I am daring and would do this step by step with my class in May or June.  Every cut can be folded first so it's easy to follow.  I'm not a fan of teachers spending valuable time doing this much prep.

Let me know how you make out with this part.

Colour #1

If you cut according to the instructions you will end up with all the right bits.  Have shallow trays or containers for students to keep their bits in on their desk or you will have an organizational nightmare on your hands.

Colour #2
- fold in half hotdog, cut
- fold both sides in 3s 
- keep one folded
- fold and cut the other as shown

Colour #3
- fold in half hotdog (vertically)
- fold in half hamburger (horizontally)
- fold bottom half into 4s
- trace a small glass or can for circles

Here is how to fold and cut your white sheets.  These are for the flip book of needs or lifecycle.

This is for the inside cover flip book (animal classifying).  

Finally these strips are for the titles and big question.

And here's how it all comes together!

We changed this to true or false statements written by students with the answers on the back.  This added an interactive part to the project.

I don't teach grade 2 and haven't checked all of the learning outcomes for this unit for grade 2.  My son is in grade 2 so he did this while we were on holidays and he missed some of the unit his class was doing.

See the previous post to see completed projects.  Wondering how I wrote on the photos above?  Head on over to Pic Font - it's free, very easy to use and makes 'ya look oh so clever.

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