Friday, June 15, 2012

My how to guide - Inquiry

Twitter teaches me everyday.  Today has been pivotal.  Read the first one for sure.  I have to change everything.

This collection is updated on my Pinterest Board here:  Inquiry and PBL
Far More Engaging Than a Paper Hat (Part 1): Meaningful Art and Learning
by Aaron Puley
A humbling article for me, this is THE post that hit me in the head and said fix it, quit doing what you're doing.  What's worth learning?
The 8 Elements of Project Based Learning: A Model Project
by Bianca Hewes
by Edutopia Staff
by Neil Stepheson
How to: Inquiry
Dr. Cornelia Brunner (based on her research)
Inquiry Resources from CSS and the ConnectedEd Canada Conference
compiled by David Truss (great conference - it really started here!)
6 Big Assessment For Learning Practices
by Chris Wejr

Learn Virtually Alongside Global Gathering at PBL World

by Suzie Boss
I'm following this conference closely, great stuff.

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