Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Social Studies - Mon monde et moi, unit 1

Clear Targets for our first unit Belonging in My World, loosely based on suggestions in the Many Voices District resources.

themes:  belonging to different groups, the value of being part of a group, rights and responsibilities

These resources are a catalyst for discussing rights and responsibilities at the beginning of the year or in November in conjunction with International Children's Day.  

Cards of groups students may belong to, cards are used to sort, identify with, use in drama games and writing.  Also sorted as which groups do you belong to automatically and which to you join as a choice?

I add cards each year for new students interests.  YOU MAY HAVE TO ADD THE ACCENTS TO ALL OF THESE CARDS.  Cut into 4, laminate.

Cards of careers.  Used in kindergarten for a community helpers unit (this is just a sample, men and women, traditional and non-traditional).

Community helpers visual dictionary.  Great for independent writing.

Posters of the rights of the child (they are each linked to the seven habits of happy kids as we are a  Leader in Me school).  Have students generate their own posters and identify a responsibility that would accompany each right.

les pancartes des droits de l'enfant (printable)

 Cut and paste to review rights and responsibilities.  Following the activity students use their sheet during the week to track when they exercise each right and in turn exercise each corresponding responsibility.  Students later illustrated the right they are most thankful they can enjoy as a Canadian citizen, I bind their responses into a collaborative book to add to the classroom library. (you may have to add the accents, sorry!)

les droits et les responsabilités (printable to 11x14)

We make collaborative books every month and put them into clear sleeves to add to the classroom library.  At the end of the year each child's pages are bound into a book that they wrote and can read.  Here are the pages for this month.  

Student brought in symbols from groups they belong too (uniforms, medals, guide books, artifacts).  I photographed them and added the photographs to this page.

About me and my groups poster.  Originally used for K but is appropriate for Grade 1 also. Great for students to present to the class and to parents on student showcase night.

Overview of Universal Children's Day celebrated on November 20th.

Precede watching the video with; What is a right?  What do you think you have a 'right' to (what do parents and teachers HAVE to let you do?).  Do you think it's the law for you to have the right to things or is just a nice idea?


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